10 reasons why you should become an expat:

1. Travel opportunities:

Internal travel within a country is generally cheaper, less taxing and a range of different modes of transport can be used for exploring your host country. Make the most of your time overseas by using every opportunity to go on an adventure, you will be amazed at the sights you might stumble on.

2. Learning a new language:

Languages can be tough but the excitement you feel when you can communicate with the locals is something that you cannot beat. You never know when you it might help you even when you've moved on to a new country for your next stint.

3. Making friends from all over the world:

Learn about different cultures, traditions and try new foods not only from your host country but from all around the world. The expatriate community is one that connects and supports each other, wherever you go in the world so get ready to make some new friends that will last a lifetime

4. Learning to let go:

This is possibly the toughest thing to do, especially in non western countries where daily chores can be challenging. Learning to let go and not be so rigid in everything reduces anxiety but it also lets you enjoy the current moment.

5. Becoming independent:

The minute you depart from the comfort zone of home, you are forced to becoming independent simply to get through your stint abroad. Depending on where you go not everything will be as convenient as it is at home and you have to learn to doing and organizing things for yourself. Whilst a lot of expats get house help as part of their packages, its not necessarily the case for all.

6. Boosting self-confidence:

Scientific research has proven that the longer time one spends overseas the more self aware they become which in turn boosts self confidence. The longer you spend abroad the more in depth sense of yourself you have, so what more of a reason do you need to live life as an expat?

7. Realizing that people not things matter:

When you make do with relocating a family of 5 with just 2 suitcases, you quickly realise that things don't matter as much as you thought they did. Happiness is brought about by the memories made with the people you love and not the things you collect along the way.

8. Gaining a broader perspective:

"I love places that make you realise how tiny you and your problems are....."

9. Realising that home is expensive:

Travelling to a country which triples your money due to the exchange rate and has a lower cost of living, you realise that you can live like a king and still save a large chunk of your money. Home may be amazing but it can also be extremely expensive compared to other countries around the world.

10. The opening of new doors:

Doors will always open and the ones that close are not all that bad...

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