Updated: Feb 13, 2020

We live in an age when we are gloriously addicted to our smartphones. We are more connected to people, information and news than ever before and we can share our lives and our adventures with the touch of a button. 

Our devices have, as a result, transformed the way we travel, the way we experience a place and the way we capture and preserve our memories. Unsurprisingly, millennials are the biggest users of the smartphone and they also love to travel. 

In a recent survey, some 39% of millennials and Gen Z workers say they wouldn’t take a job unless it had scope to travel. The younger generations are forcing change in many industries and travel is no different. 

So, with our device in hand, here are five ways we think the smartphone has changed how we travel. 

1. Fantastic photographs 

Smartphones mean the days of snapping away on your camera and waiting for your prints to be developed after you get home are now ancient history. Everyone is a photographer and myriad filters and effects mean we are all pretty good at it too. Social media has a huge impact on travel these days with many young people saying that they choose their destination on how ‘Instagrammable’ it is.

2. Taxis are easier than ever 

Before the invention of Uber, there was always the risk that you might end up in a taxi with a driver who didn’t speak your language, struggling to understand where you wanted to go. No longer. These days we can not only depend on our taxi arriving on time, knowing our destination but we can also save money by traveling with the likes of Uber. And in cities such as Los Angeles, it has made getting around so much easier. 

3. You are never lost 

Map apps on our smartphones mean we always know where we are. There is no risk that we will be left wandering the streets, attempting to ask the locals for directions only to see blank faces staring back at us. These days we pretty much always know where we are, we can plot our sightseeing route and work out how we get back to our Airbnb without any problems. What a difference! 

4. Love of language 

Translation apps on our smartphones are quite brilliant for solving a longstanding problem – the language barrier. The Google translate app is particularly good and its new augmented reality feature means you can actually point your camera at menus and street signs and magically watch as the text changes into your chosen language. Isn’t technology incredible? 

5. Bargain hunting

Smartphones and apps have made it easier than ever before to get a good deal on your holiday and compare the best prices. You can keep your boarding passes on there, your hotel confirmations and car rental details. You can also use price comparison apps to get the best deals on the market. What’s not to like?

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION: www.gracefullyexpat.com


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