Expatriate community in India grows with better career prospects that are attracting more expats.

NEW DELHI: India has emerged as a popular destination for expats as working in the country boosts their careers and provides enhanced salary and sense of fulfilment, says an HSBC survey. The survey was conducted on 18,059 expats from 163 markets. Around 48 per cent of overseas professionals noticed the benefits of working in India, having achieved a greater sense of fulfilment after relocating, as compared to the global average of 42 per cent. Over 29 per cent of international professionals said they have been promoted more rapidly as a result of relocating to India. Around 58 per cent also believe India provides a good place to pick up new work-related skills. International professionals said their gross annual personal income rose by around 24 per cent since relocating to India.

Interestingly, 32 per cent of those who moved to India said they are earning USD 100,000 (around Rs 69.5 lakh) or more per year, far above the global average of 18 per cent. "Our study shows that more professionals are choosing to work abroad, helping them achieve their ambitions and long-term financial goals, from improving their job prospects and access to better education for their children to buying property or saving more for retirement," HSBC India Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management Ramakrishnan S said.

Original Publication: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/jobs/better-career-prospects-sense-of-fulfilment-attract-expats-to-india-survey/articleshow/70290508.cms?from=mdr

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