Comparison site versus a health insurance broker:

Searching for the right health insurance can be a confusing, stressful process and many people rely on comparison sites to find the best ‘deal’. However, health insurance comparison machines can sometimes present you with options that aren’t quite right for you.

You can get frustrated at the plethora of plans and jargon that a faceless comparison site spits at you and settle on the cheapest option – crossing your fingers that your health really is covered. Your health is of utmost importance and is one of the most pressing things to take into consideration when moving abroad.

Why take risks?

Comparison sites are useful for booking flights, but you shouldn’t use one to choose health insurance. When it comes to your physical and financial wellbeing, it’s important you take an array of factors into consideration – is an automated comparison site capable of treating you as the complex individual you are? In order to obtain a visa for many countries, you must have a health insurance plan that complies with their specific requirements.

Trusting a comparison site rather than an informed health insurance advisor to determine which plan is right for you can sometimes result in applying for a plan that is not compliant in your chosen country. Save time, money and disappointment by using a broker Other countries also have healthcare facilities and systems that can vastly differ from the trusty NHS, and using a health insurance broker who understand this means that you won’t be let down by your insurance when you need it most.

Trust and experienced team of advisers and brokers to find the best international health insurance plan for you. They call at a time that suits you and take the time to ensure we understand your needs; whether that involves pre-existing conditions, maternity cover, or repatriation in emergency circumstances.

After a friendly, jargon-free chat about your overall health and the country in which you will need cover, they will choose the most appropriate plan for you from a list of over 100 options. A good health insurance advice is completely free and you can rest assured that we will give you quality advice as we are not affiliated with any of the 30 insurance providers we analyse for you. Key benefits of trusting a broker Impartial advice Completely free Expert, friendly advisors Ongoing support Peace of mind A plan tailored to your needs

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